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The PetsCareApp is the Pets Care Platform for Pet Parents. We Connect Pet Parents with people who’ll treat their Fur Babies like family. At PetsCareApp, you can Book the Dog & Cat Grooming  Services at Home. Easily Book your Pet Grooming at Home & Also At Our Shop.


A Great Place to have your Pet’s Groomed..


We Giving Pet Owners Peace of Mind knowing that their Furry Friends are in Good Hands.


A positive training experience in a fun environment.

Veterinary Doctor

Your Pets Deserve the Finest in Veterinary Care!


Take Care of Your Dog’s Needs, One Walk At a Time!

Day Care

We’re the Best Daycare in Town. You’re in Good Hands With Us”

Cleaning & Repairing

Advanced Aquarium Cleaning & Repairing Solutions Available Here!

New Pet in Home?

Find everyting your need to start.

Find everyting your need to start.

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Healthy Dental Practices for Pets

Renowned physiologist Ivan Pavlov famously showed how a dog could be conditioned to salivate. It’s the perfect solution to cooling down, soaking up some sun,

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